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Haven High Graduates Are Special People

Since the initial class of 1914, over 4,000 students have graduated from Haven High School . Many of these have achieved national and, in some instances, international recognition for their accomplishments. In order to provide a recognition program for these individuals as well as inspiration to current students at Haven High School , the Haven High School Alumni Association and has established a Wall of Honor program.


Purpose of the Wall of Honor Program?

To perpetuate the Haven High School tradition of excellence by honoring HHS graduates who have achieved a high level of success during their lifetime.

What are the eligibility requirements?

(1) Candidates should be HHS graduates (2) Must have graduated at least 10 years prior to the nomination (3) Must have attained a high level of achievement in at least one of the following areas: Personal and/or professional life, community service and/or the demonstration of education as a lifelong experience.

How are honorees nominated?

A nominee must be nominated by an individual other than the person being nominated. A nomination application must be completed and forwarded to the Haven High School Alumni Association, P. O. Box 131 , Haven , Kansas 67543 .

Is there a deadline?

Nominations are accepted on an on-going basis. Those nominations not selected will be retained and considered during the next year’s selection process. Nominations will be retained for five years.

How many honorees are selected each year?

Up to three nominees may be selected annually for the Wall of Honor. This prestigious award is the highest honor HHS can bestow upon its graduates.

How are nominees selected for the Wall of Honor?

A review committee consisting of 3 current and/or retired Haven High School Alumni Association Board members will review the nominations.

Is there an actual wall?

Yes. A wall of plaques honoring each inductee will be displayed in the High School where it may inspire today's Wildcats to realize their potential and soar to new heights. Each honoree will have an individual plaque with their name and a brief summary of their achievements and descriptive information of their life’s accomplishments. A personal recognition plaque will also be given to the recipient.

How are inductees honored?

In addition to receiving a plaque to keep, Wall of Honor inductees are honored at the annual meeting of the Haven High Alumni Association.

Additional information

Nominees will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, nationality, disability, economic status or marital status. The award may be bestowed posthumously.