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    Haven High School Alumni Association

    PO Box 131

    Haven, Kansas 67543


    President Contact Information

    Tim Carmichael




Board of Directors email addresses:

    Jean Beal:  Jean_Beal@havenhighalumni.com

    Sharon Green:  Sharon_Green@havenhighalumni.com

    Kristy Shadoin:  Kristy_Shadoin@havenhighalumni.com

    Mary Ann Miller:  Mary_Miller@havenhighalumni.com

    Mike Moriarty:  Mike_Moriarty@havenhighalumni.com

    Sue Hale Rettig:   Sue_Rettig@havenhighalumni.com

    Ethelyn Lyon Showalter:   Ethelyn_Showalter@havenhighalumni.com

    Joyce Snay:  Joyce_Snay@havenhighalumni.com