Purposes of the Haven High School Alumni Association

  • To establish an association that will provide information to Haven High School graduates related to the activities of the school as well as the community
  • To provide a data base of information on Haven High School graduates
  • To provide a program that will continue the “wildcat dedication” after graduation by providing a single point of information related to the history of Haven High School
  • Provide scholarships and other unfunded school programs with funds made available through memberships
  • To provide a web site for general information about the Alumni Association
  • To establish a Wall of Honor program that recognizes alumni who have made unique and significant contributions to their community, region, state or nation

Haven High School Song

Oh, Haven must rise, ne're to fall

Push the name of our school above all.

May the gold and the black set the pace

For the school that will win every race!

May the students of old H. H. S.

Strive hard to make our school the best

We've won every trial, every quest!

The gold and black will surely back

Haven forever.